Participant's impressions

The main causes of poverty and social exclusion...

"Unemployment is the main cause of poverty given that, if you have a job you can buy a house, food, etc. It's important to say that a job must give enough money to live a normal life."

"There are a lot of forms of social discrimination. Racism, for example, which still exists, but nowadays is a silent racism. It's important to say that we are improving with big steps..."

"Not enough redistribution of wealth – Rich getting richer... Poor getting poorer..."

"Increasing individualism – Lack of solidarity."

"No policies to increase the income and guarantee a sufficient income for everybody."

"There is a lot of bureaucracy."

"There isn't political will to solve the social problems."

"There aren't sufficient opportunities for the citizens experiencing poverty and social exclusion to participate in the political dialogue."

"The low levels of professional and school abilities that have the people experiencing poverty."

"The bad conditions of housing where live people experiencing poverty and social exclusion. There are not good systems for allocation of social houses, and the houses are very expenses."

Suggestions/Proposals to fight poverty and social exclusion

"Reallocating the distribution of monetary resources because governments spend to much money in weapons which would be very useful to solve the social problems."

"It's important to create more opportunities for people experiencing poverty to give opinions and to participate in the definition of social policies."

"It's necessary to improve the negotiations between politics and people experiencing poverty and social exclusion."

"It is necessary more credit lines to help poor people to improve their own employment."

"It's important to have more democratic and efficient health systems."

"More help for young people improve their school qualifications and professional abilities (on the field of transports, accommodation in the city when they have to move from their local of residence, etc...)"

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