REAPN - Rede Eeuropeira Anti-Pobreza/Portugal

REAPN is a network of groups and individuals whose main purpose is to fight poverty and social exclusion. REAPN has been established as a non-governmental organisation, which privileges information, training and research as key areas of action.

REAPN is a national organisation with connection to the European Anti-Poverty Network that appeared in 1990. Since 1994 REAPN driven by principles such as subsidiarity and partnership, started a process of decentralization through the creation of Regional Networks. In this moment REAPN has 18 regional networks, one in each district of the country. These integrate a number of regional development centres (anti-poverty local networks) which work to poverty eradication in a local and regional basis. Nowadays REAPN has 844 members, of which 542 are organisations and 302 individual members.

In terms of main objectives REAPN aims to establish and enhance network between grassroots organisations, groups or individuals who work to poverty and social exclusion eradication; contribute to the definition of social action programs and policies; lobby for and with vulnerable groups and promote social integration for those who experience poverty and social exclusion.

REAPN role in the project will be:

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