EAPN BELGIUM - Belgian Anti Poverty Network

The Belgian Network (EAPN Belgium) has the following objectives:

To establish a democratic and efficient network in Belgium, that brings the different anti-poverty associations together. These associations have to support and promote the expression and participation of people experiencing poverty, and to assist them in changing reality and their situation, according to their choices and views.

To stimulate and implement changes to social, economic and political structures, since these are keeping persons in precarious situations, with the ultimate goal of eradicating the poverty situations.

The associations are members of the Belgian network through the regional networks: The Flemish Network of Associations of People experiencing Poverty, The Walloon Anti Poverty Network and the Brussels Anti Poverty Forum (respectively Vlaams Netwerk van verenigingen waar armen het woord nemen), le Réseau Wallon de Lutte contre la Pauvreté and le Forum Bruxellois de Lutte contre la Pauvreté asbl). The principle and dominant role of the associations, member of the Belgian Network, is to reinforce people and groups in poverty and exclusion situations, to take their responsibilities, to obtain their rights, to escape from their social isolation and to fight their social exclusion.

The Belgian Network has three principle objectives: to promote and reinforce the efficacy of anti-poverty actions, to contribute to the definition of social policy and the conception of action programs, to ensure a pressure group function with and for the persons and groups in situation of poverty and social exclusion.

The Belgian Anti Poverty Network role in the Project will be:

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