EAPN-ES - European Anti Poverty Network in Spain

EAPN Spain was created in 1991 as a member of EAPN Europe and was refunded in 2004 as a network of NGOs including the participation of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

The membership of EAPN is involved in a variety of activities aimed at combating poverty and social exclusion including, social awareness and training activities, service provision and activities aimed at the participation and empowerment of people experiencing poverty and social exclusion.

Together the membership of EAPN-ES aims to put the fight against poverty high on the agenda of the Spanish Government and to ensure cooperation at European, national and regional level aimed at the eradication of poverty and social exclusion.

Our priority, the same as among the objectives of EAPN in Europe, is implement a method of work as the Net to work together and join efforts to achieve greater and better results in the fight to combat the poverty and social exclusion in Spain.

EAPN-ES is a horizontal, plural and independent organization.

Consistent with the Spanish Government’s model of devolution, EAPN Spain is made up of 17 regional networks (the aim is to have a regional network in each of the 17 autonomous Communities and in the 2 autonomous cities) as well as 14 NGOs.

17 regional networks

14 NGO's

In this project we intend to work directly with those who live in poverty, involving also the organizations in each country that work and represent them. Through the meetings we intend to exchange information on the real situation on poverty and social exclusion in each country, and also to find good practices on how to involve people experiencing poverty in the implementation of policies in the social field.

The Spanish European Anti Poverty Network role in the Project will be:

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