RENASIS - Federatia 'Reteaua Nationala Antisaracie – Includere Sociala'

The Federation "The National Antipoverty Network – Social Inclusion" (RENASIS) is a nongovernmental organization founded in November 2007. It was founded by 13 NGO’s from the entire country which carry out activities in the areas of social services, education, culture and support for non governmental organizations.

The founding members of RENASIS are:

The members of the RENASIS Federation would like to affirm, through its activity, that poverty and/or exclusion are not just an individual problem, but of the society in general and it affects us all on all fronts – political, economic, cultural, social, moral and spiritual. The network would like to point out that on the local stage, poverty and exclusion are a community issue, they must be evaluated and the solutions for their resolution must be included in the local, long term, sustainable development plans.

Given those two aspects which led to the birth of the RENASIS Federation, its members started undertaking activities and projects which have as principal objectives to bring the poverty and social exclusion issues to the public’s attention, to support the information and acknowledgement by Romanian citizens of the principles and specific means of combating poverty, pursuing the strengthening of the abilities of Romanian non – governmental organizations towards this end.
The RENASIS Federation is member of EAPN since 2008.

The Federation "The National Antipoverty Network – Social Inclusion" role in the Project will be:

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